Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sun-bleached Karmann

The Karmann Ghia is one of the all-time beautiful forms, is it not? It transcends the humble nature of its Beetle underpinnings by virtue of its slinky hips, doe-eyed face and elegant, simple lines.
...and there is, in my opinion, nothing classier than a Karmann Ghia that's been allowed to mellow naturally, as this one has. Sure, it's fantastic to see a freshly-restored example looking as if it's just rolled off the production line, and there is a certain fondness in some circles for giving them a full-on rat-look makeover, but for me this is the loveliest look: standard (but substantially lowered and with the front beam narrowed, as has been the VW vogue for generations), with the original paint careworn and patinated by the California sun. Timeless.
Via SlamMedia

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