Friday, 7 December 2012

Sleeper Focus

Sometimes the coolest cars are the most unassuming ones. At first glance, this early Focus would appear to be just a bog-standard shopper-spec car, albeit with a tidy set of rims and an uprated exhaust. But looks can so often be deceiving, and beneath this sober exterior beats the heart of a race-bred warrior.
Think rear-wheel drive. Think Cosworth YB Turbo. Think hundreds upon hundreds of horsepower, and track-focused poise and nimbleness in spades.
Indeed, this Focus has been so comprehensivley reworked as to be mechanically unrecognisable. Sure, it looks like a Focus, but the longitudinally-mounted engine, propshaft & rear diff say otherwise; the fuel cell in the boot and the 'cage and buckets further reinforce this. It's like no Focus you've seen before... built to make a pilgrimage to Gatebil - home, of course, of bonkers big-power builds - the car fitted right in with the various unhinged projects that were flexing their muscles over in Norway. You can see the build thread here, and read all about the road trip here.

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