Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Rolls-Royce Wagon

There's a rich history of coachbuilt estate cars based on British luxury and sports cars: the Lynx Eventer, based on the Jaguar XJ-S, and the Aston Martin DB6 Shooting Brake being two super-rare examples that, weirdly, I keep seeing on the Kings Road. And of course, it's always been the case that Rolls-Royce would never series-produce an estate car, and that more than a handful of people have undertaken to fabricate their own.

If that's your bag, then West Coast Customs would probably be a good shout to carry out the work for you. They're not just all about blingy chrome rims and outrageous paint-jobs, y'know... they also have a keen eye for factory-standard craftsmanship, as the Roller you see here demonstrates. The expanded glasshouse at the rear follows the factory lines rather neatly, while the interior is as plush and opulent as you'd expect from R-R themselves. (Interiors are something of a WCC party piece.)
On the whole it's a pretty cool build, isn't it? A slice of über-luxury for the family man who occasionally needs to shift a washing machine.
Via West Coast Customs

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