Thursday, 6 December 2012

Liberty Walk Murciélago

Until Liberty Walk cracked open their Snap-On cases, it's unlikely that anyone had ever looked at a Lamborghini Murciélago and thought 'yeah, that looks pretty good... but it could really do with being a bit wider.' Nevertheless, this is where we find ourselves.
Built for SEMA 2012, this Murci is largely standard under the skin, aside from a rather neat brake upgrade that has the manufacturer's logo - CSD - emblazoned upon the discs. The base car is such a staggeringly effective thing that this reworking is purely about aesthetics: the brushed aluminium finish is a kind of post-apocalyptic-survivor-meets-DeLorean vibe, while the bodykit does much to ensure that you have to pan your head from left to right to take it all in; those JDM-esque bolt-on arches are girthsome in the extreme.
It's excessive, naughty, faintly absurd, and really rather shocking. Which, of course, has always been the Lamborghini ethos, so it fits rather well. I suspect Ferruccio would approve.

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