Monday, 10 December 2012

Hardcore Audi S2

Audi. Motorsport. That's a fairly obvious association, isn't it? And while the first place you'd leap to on hearing 'Audi Coupé' might be the SWB Group B quattro, these S2 Coupés are starting to blip on the retro radar as well.
It's not often you see one this hardcore, though. The aero package is uncompromising and all-encompassing, from the dive planes and carbon splitter to the enormous rear spoiler, while the mechanical setup is equally focused: up front is a turbocharged, dry-sumped 2.2-litre throwing the power through a 6-speed box and locked centre-diff, while at the rear are a set of gaping roof ducts, sucking air to the rear-mounted radiator. The interior is pure race car, and the performance is otherworldly: think 785bhp in a lightweight racer creating genuine downforce. Sounds like fun.
Via Speedhunters

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