Thursday, 13 December 2012

ATS EF Civic

The EF-generation Civic is much overlooked as a modifying proposition. Looking somewhat mumsy in hatchback form, it's not necessarily a car that you'd picture as a performance machine.
Aha, but that's where you can shock people... The basic ingredients are all there - light weight, rock-solid build quality, the potential to fit a whole variety of VTEC engines with ease - so it's not too daunting a task to turn an EF into a streetracer.
This one, for example, seems relatively unassuming from a distance; its classic creamy paint is deliberately understated, and there are few clues to its potential for surprising thrust. But dig a little deeper and you'll find stripped-back purposefulness, added stiffness, some fancy footwork, and whole lot of extra firepower. Once again, as is proved to us time and time again, everything has potential.

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