Monday, 3 December 2012

ATS DC2 Type R

The Integra Type R is one of those insider treats, something that's rather special to those in the know but passes the uninitiated almost unnoticed. With their hand-built, blueprinted VTEC engines, seam-welded chassis, helical LSDs and vicious weight-loss efforts, they are a true connoisseur's street-racer.
Personally, if I owned a Type R, there's no way I'd modify it - I think they're ace in factory-standard form. But there is something special about the example we see here, prepared by ATS. The characterful B-series engine has been unceremoniously hoiked out and replaced with a K-series with vast induction trumpets; canards and oversized spoilers improve the aero (well, hopefully they do, as they're rather more extrovert than the standard setup), there's a vast set of brakes, and the chassis is enormously stiffer thanks to copious bracing and a sturdy rollcage. The original red Honda seats - which I love - have been replaced with huggy Recaros.

So I'm unsure. I love the Type R as standard, but this does look like a lot of fun - the general feel of it is that it's been done to heighten and enhance the spirit of the original rather than just to irritate the purists. What's your take?

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