Wednesday, 12 December 2012

205 GTI Evo

I've always been a very, very keen admirer of the Peugeot 205 GTI. I've owned four of them over the years - all 1.9s, in various states of tune - and, in my experience, they're simply the finest-handling front-wheel drive cars that money can buy.
As well as being revered and admired as a pure driver's car, it's also been a modifiers' favourite over the years. In the nineties, the Mi16 was a popular engine swap; in time, tuners found favour with the 306 GTI-6 unit. But in all my time with 205s, it would never have occurred to me to put a Mitsubishi Evo engine in there...

Nevertheless, astonishingly, this is where we find ourselves. Like all truly madcap builds, this is the result of an 'I bet you can't...' pub bet, and the peak power figure is a frankly absurd 608bhp. It's all going through the front wheels too, via a Ford Focus gearbox.
The word 'insane' gets thrown around a lot in the world of modified cars, but in this case... well, just look at it. Glance at it cock-eyed, it'll rip your arm off and ram it into your ear.
See Fast Car for the full story.

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