Thursday, 8 November 2012

Z31 300ZX

The Z31 300ZX has long been sidelined as a poor relation to its curvier, more elegant forebears. Placed alongside a 240Z, for example, the two are clearly generations apart in terms of styling, with the Z31 enjoying none of the swoopy, Japanese E-Type charm of the S30, eschewing the curves for boxy eighties angularity.
However, the Z31 is increasingly being appreciated by enthusiasts and modifiers as a classic in its own right. After all, it was more powerful, stronger, more aerodynamic and far more advanced than the Z cars that came before it - the top-of-the-range turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 offered a thoroughly entertaining 200bhp, while 'Bitchin' Betty' lived in the dash, an electronic voice alert that nagged you for leaving the lights on and what-have-you. A pretty cool car, all-in-all.
This Polish Z31 Targa is a prime example of how the retro scene is embracing the model: nice and low over 17" BBS-alike Dare rims, with a smidge of negative camber at the rear. And that's all it needs, really. Simple but effective.
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My friend at work, we both work at Nissan's proving grounds, is looking for one of these. I'll forward this to him. Sweet.