Thursday, 15 November 2012

Team Zlay GX71 Cresta

Well, this has got to be a contender for 'paintjob of the year'. Team Zlay's Zlayboy GX71 Cresta takes a variety of bōsōzoku elements - the sharknose conversion, the banded steels poking out under stretched arches, the exposed oil cooler & pipework - and melds them with the kind of extreme paintwork you'd find on a traditionally-styled West Coast lowrider. The attention to detail in that multi-hued bumper-car paint is staggering - enlarge the pics and see for yourself.
My favourite detail of the car besides the paint, however, has to be that rear-mounted rev-counter. The very ethos of bōsōzoku is to present the unexpected and the absurd, to subvert perception by deliberately jarring and shocking the onlooker. Why have a tacho on the rump? Well, there's no reason for it. And that is reason enough.
See HTF for more.

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