Friday, 9 November 2012

Skogen Racing BMW Sierra

The performance variants of the Ford Sierra offered a brilliantly old-school approach to power: the jelly-mould XR4i featured the same 2.8i V6 unit you'd find in the Capri, rocking the car from side to side at idle and rumbling thunderously under load. The RS Cosworth was powered by the screaming YB engine, basically a turbocharged twin-cam version of the old Pinto.
So, how to contemporise the Sierra, to make its performance a bit more modern? Well, how about fitting an M50B25 engine? That's a 2.5-litre BMW straight-six, as fitted to the E36 3-series and offering around 190bhp as standard. Scandinavian loopers Skogen Racing have done just that, and strapped on a turbo for kicks. Well, why not eh?
They've shifted the bulkhead back a bit to squeeze it all in, and mated the BMW mill to a ZF gearbox and hydraulic clutch, sending the power via a BMW prop to a chunky Scorpio diff. What power? Well, the Garrett GT40, intercooler, forged pistons and massive injectors conspire to produce around 770bhp. Which is frickin' loads. Those Wilwood brakes have got a lot to deal with.
The aesthetics are a treat for the connoisseur. It's obvious from the stance and the motorsport wheels that this is no ordinary Sierra, but look closer and all manner of details begin to emerge. The BMW headlights hidden in the original Ford housing are a cute little giveaway...
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