Friday, 9 November 2012


This is about as clean and pristine as TE27 Corollas get, which I guess is to be expected given that it was prepared for the ultra-prestigious SEMA show. The '73 Levin took pride of place on the Enkei wheels stand, showcasing a set of their newly-released retro 'COMPE' rims.
It's a fine example of the breed to use for such promotional purposes. Under the bonnet is an original-spec 2TG twin-cam on twin carbs, while inside we find a pair of period TRD buckets. Really, though, this car is all about that bodywork: arrow-straight, factory-fresh, and smacking you in the eyes with its bullish citrusness. Glorious.
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I was digging this car at SEMA too. I remember seeing these on the road and they never looked this cool.