Monday, 26 November 2012

Pro-Street Austin America

Arguably the coolest Pro-Street cars are those which are built on unassuming bases. And while a drag racer based on an Austin 1100 would seem outlandish in the UK, it's a real headturner in the USA due to the base car's obscurity.
The Austin 1100 was available in a number of guises; launched in 1962 as the Morris 1100, you could variously find them badged as Riley Kestrel, Innocenti IM3, MG 1100, Wolseley 1100 and Vanden Plas Princess. It was also available across the Atlantic as the Austin America, although it was far from a roaring success over there. So it's pretty cool to see one that's received 'the treatment'; this one's got a fuel-injected, nitrous-infused V8 mounted way back under the bulkhead, Powerglide two-speed transmission, rollcage, buckets, Mickey Thompson wheels - the ad on Craigslist is mysteriously vague, but you can throw an offer in here.
The Austin 1100's most famous role was, in Countryman guise, being mercilessly thrashed by a branch-wielding Basil Fawlty. But he wouldn't have dared to lay a finger on this one... it would have ripped his arm off.

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