Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Drift Lada

Drift. Lada. Two words that sit happily together?
This, of course, is no ordinary Lada. There's a Nissan SR20DET under the bonnet, featuring Wossner pistons, forged conrods, vast 1000cc injectors, and a Garrett GT3582R turbo on a home-made manifold - peak power is 480bhp when running at 1.4bar of boost, and this can be wound up to 1.85bar for a frankly absurd 580bhp.

Throwing all of this power into a standard Lada would obviously be the act of a madman. So we also find a mix of Bilstein and Koni coilovers, a Watts linkage, E36 BMW brake discs with Citroën C4 calipers at the rear and BMW 735 items up-front, fibreglass body panels, Lexan windows, a 12-point rollcage, Sparco Prodrive WRC seats... and loads, loads more. This is a furious, championship-winning drift car that just happens to look like a Lada. And that's very cool indeed.
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Alexandre Fialho said...

After Top Gear and Lotus modify a Lada and put a Fiat engine in it, one guy from Brazil liked the idea and started doing the same thing, but he's doing it better, a Lada with a Lotus engine. See it at (sadly no updates since january)

juice said...

That's very cool - I wonder how the project's coming along now...