Friday, 16 November 2012

Citroën GS Club Estate

When's the last time you saw a GS Estate this clean? In fact, when did you last see one at all?
The Rennes-built Citroën, winner of European Car of the Year in 1971, was arguably the most technologically advanced car in its class. It had swoopy aero with a Kamm tail, hydropneumatic suspension, an air-cooled flat-four engine and a futuristic barrel speedo. All four corners featured disc brakes and independent suspension, and there was even a Birotor in the model range that had a Wankel rotary engine (although these are like hens' teeth now).
They did, however, rust rather enthusiastically, hence their relative scarcity these days. So this example, on sale at KGF Classics, is more than a little gobsmacking in its cleanliness and originality. You may say that £2.5k is a lot for 33 year-old estate car that is, by modern standards, pretty basic. But look at it this way: if a young family were considering, say, a new Peugeot 107 or similar, that'd cost about £8.5k; if they were to buy this instead, they'd have something with a little charm and character, a lot more space, lower insurance and running costs, and about six grand in their pocket. SuckSqueezeBangBlow maths - foolproof.
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