Wednesday, 14 November 2012


My favourite thing about the world of modifying trucks, mini-trucks, vans, pick-ups and other commercial vehicles is the dichotomy of subtracting utility from an overtly functional machine.
This VW Caddy is a case in point: designed to lug stuff around, it's now had any semblance of useful suspension travel removed. It has induction stacks so mighty that you can't fit a bonnet. This is all magnificently decadent, I love it.

As is becoming traditional in the VW scene, a huge amount of effort has been put into preparing the engine bay: it's been smoothed and wire-tucked, and sprayed in gold flake to match the custom dash. (I guess that a natural mistake when talking about a Caddy is that people might think you mean 'Cadillac', so this nicely incorporates a custom Americana twist...) The pristine bay is mirrored by the interior, which is festooned in quilted leather, while the body provides an interesting counterpoint by unashamedly wearing a healthy patina. Rather a cool build, this.
See Canibeat for more.

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