Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bisimoto 911 TT

The Porsche 911 Turbo, as a factory model, is mentally unhinged. The GT2 is certifiably insane. But this? This is a whole new level of dribbling craziness. Built by Bisimoto, this 1976 model is about as extreme as a 911 can be without imploding in a vortex of its own awesomeness.
The first thing you undoubtedly noticed are the turbos - a pair of Turbonetics units hanging in the void where the rear bumper used to be. They're hooked up to a 3.4-litre 996 engine and a 997 6-speed 'box, throwing 648bhp through a couple of acres of sticky rubber at the rear. The interior is starkly utilitarian - buckets, 'cage, nothing else - while the exterior looks like a Hot Wheels model. Go on, tell me you've seen a scarier 911 this week...
Full details at Speedhunters.

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