Tuesday, 27 November 2012

'Bagged Audi 100

The 1968-76 Audi 100 has really come into its own as the retrobarge of choice on the VAG scene. They're a pretty scarce commodity, so when they emerge they tend to be done right. As this '73 model certainly is...
You can't really go wrong with a flat 1970s paint shade to complement the original chrome and leather seats. This is a rare two-door model - the sheer size of the thing meant that most were sold as more practical foor-doors - so it lends its form rather well to the girthsome, slab-sided, frame-laying lowrider treatment. It rides on Bagyard airbags over period-perfect BRM alloys, contemporised by virtue of being a rather modern 7x17" all round. Very nice indeed.
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