Monday, 12 November 2012

Aventador Roadster

'The ultimate open-air experience'. That's how Lamborghini are describing the newly-announced Aventador Roadster, and it's hard to argue with them.
Like its tin-top brother, the Roadster's performance is cartoonishly surreal: 0-62mph in three seconds, and a top speed of 217mph. It keeps the ISR 7-speed 'box, the pushrod suspension and everything else that keeps it a class-leader, simply removing the roof so that you can hear that sonorous 690bhp V12 howl.
Perhaps the most striking angle of the car is the aerial view - the angular, two-piece carbon-fibre roof flows into the reprofiled engine cover like some kind of child's geometric colouring exercise, deliberately jarring in that bullish way of the modern-era Lamborghini. Although, to be honest, it's pretty bloody fantastic from all angles. The Targa-style roof panels are removable in a matter of seconds and can be stowed in the front boot; they're manufactured using Lamborghini's proprietary 'Forged Composite' technology, meaning they're as strong as titanium but far lighter - just 6kg apiece. And unlike the MurciƩlago Roadster, which could only hit 99mph with its canvas roof up, the Aventador provides the full spectrum of performance regardless of whether your hair's blowing around or not.
I just love that they've chosen to debut it in this new shade of Azzuro Thetis, rather than the traditional eye-searing citrus shades of orange or green. Even in understated guise it's an outrageous car, but this light blue allows the form to whisper menacingly rather than shout provocatively.
The LP700-4 Roadster was unexpectedly announced on Lamborghini's Twitter feed this morning - you can learn all about it here.

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