Wednesday, 28 November 2012


The mkI MX-5 is one of the most enjoyable cars I've ever owned - even a simple trip to the shops was a thrilling, oversteery adventure. But I can't imagine how much fun this one must be...

The builder of this car, an automotive designer and aerodynamicist, has put a lot of thought into the airflow and stability of the little Eunos, as evidenced by the canards, diffuser, and that vast rear wing. This aerodynamic grip is complemented by further grip of the mechanical kind, thanks to the 9"-wide ATS Classics and their 215-section Toyo Proxes T1R tyres. A huge amount of tinkering has gone on under the bonnet too, with a bespoke turbocharger setup bolted to the 1.6-litre twin-cam along with a Megasquirt standalone ECU, oversized injectors and fuel pump, a large intercooler and much more besides.

For some, the MX-5/Eunos/Miata is a delicate, simple thing, to be enjoyed for its precision and purity. For others, as we see here, it's a gateway to otherworldly levels of performance. 240+ forced-induced horses in a sub-900kg, rear-wheel drive car with genuine ground-effect? I can think of few cars more fun.
Via Speedhunters

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