Friday, 23 November 2012

'77 Wartburg 353W

The Wartburg 353 is one of those basic, agricultural, utilitarian Eastern Bloc cars that seemed bleak and austere in period, but are now enjoying a certain retro chic. Like the Trabant 601, or the Skoda 120.
This particular one is very impressive indeed, taking its styling cues from the retro/stance scene; the suspension for Wartburgs isn't that well-served by the aftermarket, as you might imagine, so this 353 has been lowered on a custom setup - Citroën AX shocks and Mercedes W210 springs at the front, Renault Clio shocks and Mercedes W203 coils out back. The wheels, which look like oh-so-trendy BBS splits as found all over the VW and BMW scenes, are actually custom-painted Chrysler LeBaron rims on one-off hubs.
To retain that retro East German charm, the 353 keeps its 50bhp two-stroke engine - after all, this machine was built for show, not go. And everyone loves the smell of two-stroke.
See Stance:Nation for more.

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