Monday, 12 November 2012

'72 Escort 1300XL

Well, they don't come a lot more original than this. Look at those pristine arches, the complete brightwork, the spot-on panel gaps, the hubcaps, the unripped vinyl trim... it's the archetypal timewarp car, the sort of thing that's usually shared under the heading 'one little old lady owner from new'. It's even got its original dealer sticker in the rear window.
In fact, this 1300XL has had just one owner from new. What's more, it has just 120 miles on the clock. How so? It was bought new from Bristol Street Motors by a Mrs J.C. Twigg in August 1972, and she must have decided it wasn't her cup of tea - it's been sitting in a dry garage ever since. It's even yet to have its first 1,500 mile service, which is of course complimentary. Imagine the look on your local Ford dealer's face when you stroll in with your service book, demanding your free oil change...
The car's on eBay as we speak. Click here, buy it, and please don't use the shell for rallying.

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