Monday, 15 October 2012

X1/9 IN

I drove a Fiat X1/9 once. It was tricky. They're quite small.
For this reason, I enjoy the model solely as an art piece rather than a realistic driving proposition (constantly jamming your knees on the dash does tend to distract one from the task at hand...), and they don't get a lot more artistic than this - the 1982 X1/9 IN.
The original X1/9s' bodies were built by Bertone, before being shipped to Fiat's Lingotto factory for engine fitment and final assembly. In '82 the entire task was handed to the styling house to complete solo, and to celebrate this fact Bertone created the IN edition, as you see here. It featured a glaringly lipstick-red interior, leather seats and two-tone paint. And this one's more special than most; being garaged for the first 26 years of its life means that it hasn't been consumed by rust like most other X1/9s - indeed, the car is pristine throughout. It even comes with the optional X1/9-branded luggage. Fancy it? It's seven grand - click here.

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