Friday, 26 October 2012

Wacky Wilkes: Spirit of Drag Week

This is rather a lovely story. Mick 'Wacky' Wilkes is a friendly, unassuming chap from the West Midlands who drives an old Bedford van. This is a van that he's built up by himself in his garage, running a turbocharged Vauxhall XE twink with nitrous, sending just shy of 500bhp through those skinny 13" rears.
This year, Wacky decided to take his Bedford to Drag Week - an event that sees participants going head-to-head in five drag events on five consecutive days, in far flung locations across the USA; it's a gruelling and arduous event that sees the convoy driving 1,400 miles in total, in addition to the strain put on the cars by the timed daily runs on the strips.
Now, not only did Wacky not really know anyone (aside from girlfriend and co-pilot Deb) or indeed anything much about the US, but the point where he had his van shipped to was some six hundred miles from the start point of Drag Week. It was a truly Herculean effort, and by all accounts he was the very apogee of charm and friendliness throughout, an attitude that won him the coveted 'Spirit of Drag Week' award.
The Americans call him 'that Spinal Tap guy', for obvious reasons.

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