Monday, 29 October 2012

Subtle Sapphire

With builds like this, subtlety is key.
There was a time when Sierra Sapphires were everywhere, and the fact that they're relatively scarce now is one that passes unnoticed for most, given their ubiquity as minicabs and the like within near-ish living memory. So to the average person on the street, this Sapphire wouldn't attract a second glance. But to those with a keen eye, there are a number of details that make it rather special; first and foremost, the fact that all of the shutlines are absolutely perfect - better than they would have been from the factory, even. That's the sign of a quality build. Then there are the Porsche 944 Azev alloys, the smoked detail inside the headlights... the fact that the whole thing is very understated. Rather than follow the thoroughly well-trodden path of Cosworth bumpers and what-have-you, the owner's kept it to basic 'L' spec. Hell, it's even got orange indicators.
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Steve said...

Its Beautiful!

Jensen said...

Amazing Stance :-)