Monday, 15 October 2012

Shakotastic S30

'Shakotan' is a word thrown around in JDM tuning circles to signify a number of different modifying styles; it literally means 'lowered car' or 'short height car'. Seventies-era shakotan rides tend to keep the body relatively standard and focus on ride-height, stance and fitment, as well as increased power and race-derived trickery; that's not to say, however, that the odd bōsōzoku styling element doesn't find its way into the mix...
This particular shakotan car is a first-generation (S30) Nissan Z-car built by tuning heroes Liberty Walk. It's got an elongated sharknose and a gorgeous Corvette-esque tail, and under those aggressive arches sit a set of vintage SSR Jilba Racing wheels with old-school Dunlop CR88 race tyres. Power comes from an SOHC L24 with competition Mikuni carbs, while the interior is pure period race car. What a stylish way to go Skyline-hunting!
Via Speedhunters.

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