Friday, 5 October 2012

Sbarro Eight

The Sbarro name has always been associated with outlandish (and often terrifying) design, from the frankly insane Golf Turbo to the world's coolest Citroën Picasso, and the 2012 Eight concept is a natural evolution of this.
A product of the Espera Sbarro Montbéliard School of Design, the Eight looks like a cross between a fifties hot rod and some kind of post-apocalyptic dune buggy. It's an ultra-lightweight, spartan affair with a dirty great Maserati V8 in the nose, and its intention is to encapsulate the most modern automotive tech available in the most diminutive and simple frame; the driver gets a full-size tablet as a display, along with an Android-powered radio and wireless phone-charging. Oh, and that Maser bent-eight sends 360bhp to the rear wheels, which should be a chuckle.
Via Autoblog.

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