Monday, 22 October 2012

Rayvern Jetta VR6

Rayvern Hydraulics' Jetta is a mission statement: a quality build of extremes, launched into a marketplace saturated with debate over airbags vs. coilovers, to say 'hey, we're still here...'
Now, the fact that this car is basically sitting on the ground means that it's easy to miss one of its biggest modifications - it's been sectioned; that is, cut in half horizontally, had five inches of metal removed, then welded back together. That's why you can see the VR6 lump poking cheekily over the parapet of the engine bay, like an inquisitive child.
This is, of course, rather a hot rod-esque look, and the old school US theme extends to the interior, in which can be found a vast tiki gearstick and a 1950s Buick grille section set into a hand-formed dash. The sectioned seats, again with five inches removed, are trimmed in ostrich leather.
...and, naturally, the suspension is a hydraulic set-up. You can learn all about it in this Fast Car feature.

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This is a true admirer of vr6 :)