Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Puerto Rican Jimny

SuckSqueezeBangBlow has never featured a Suzuki Jimny before, and probably never will again... but I'm happy to make an exception for this one.
Straight outta Puerto Rico (back in 2010, actually), this is no ordinary Jimny. It's shaken off its off-roader roots to become a hunkered-down street-racer; the interior is pure Fast & Furious (in a good way, I mean), while the snazzy underbonnet area is home to a nitrous oxide install, of all things. The body has been stiffened to accommodate the extra thrust (look at the separate rollcage bar across the centre of the cabin!), and those funky green split-rims hide a set of necessarily huge brakes.
Never thought I'd say it, but... I love this Jimny. Click here for more.

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