Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Peaches & Chrome

This '85 Chevy Caprice is, in many ways, the archetypal modern lowrider. It carries on the eighties tradition of eye-searing and intricate paint, chrome wires, and staggeringly detailed engine bay & undercarriage; it also follows the modern trend of employing larger coils, extended upper A-arms and plenty of positive camber to create a good setup for hopping, rather than ostensibly lowriding per se. Confusing, huh?
As you might expect, the build is dripping with ostentatious details - from the mix of Lamborghini Atlas Orange and House of Kolor Gold paint to the chromed 350ci V8 and the diff you could use as a shaving mirror, it's pure 1980s pimp brought right up to date: old-school thinking, modern materials. (Shame about that filthy carpet, though...)
Via Lowrider Magazine.

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