Wednesday, 24 October 2012

mkIII Supra Turbo

This Supra is a caricature of any mkIII Supra you've seen before. Sure, it looks like a regular mkIII, but certain features have been accentuated, enhanced, thrown into sharp focus. Those enormous semi-slicks at the rear, for example. The diameter of the wheels. And, of course, that ludicrously oversized turbo.
The standard Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine has been entirely reworked; it now produces 650bhp at the wheels thanks to bigger injectors, uprated cams, a chunky intercooler, and that Garrett GT4202 turbocharger with its bespoke manifold.
The car is peppered with quality touches - the Corbeau buckets, the understated Charcoal Grey paint, the impeccable cleanliness of the engine bay - but really it's all about the vast turbo and those huge Mickey Thompson drag radials. Cartoonish.
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