Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Michelotti Dolomite mkII

The Triumph Dolomite will always have a special place in my heart. My parents had one (Sandglow Yellow, vinyl roof) when I was a kid, and I remember it being thoroughly exciting, even when I was four.
It's surprising that the model doesn't have more of an enthusiastic following today. Sure, it has its fans, but a Michelotti-styled, rear-wheel drive, British-built car with genuine sporting heritage should be pretty hot property, right? But no, for a lot of people it's mired in the quagmire of British Leyland's decline - something that many find too large a hurdle to overcome.
Perhaps if the mkII Dolomite had come into being, things might have been different. It's basically the same underneath, but the fresher face and TR6 tail-lights would have seemed rather modern for the 1980s, while the double-wishbone front suspension and Sprint-spec lower stance would have been a competent package. OK, it's basically just a facelift, but it's interesting nonetheless - BL commissioned Michelotti to revamp the Dolomite in the late seventies to gauge potential, but sadly it fell victim to the conglomerate's iffy finances. What could have been...

Pics from various sources, aggregated here.

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