Tuesday, 30 October 2012

McLaren Art Car

Yes, of course Art Cars were BMW's idea. But if other manufacturers want to get in on the act, we're more than OK with that - particularly if they look as stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous as this McLaren 12C. (And hey, the old McLaren F1 had a BMW engine, there's a sort of heritage link there. Or something.)
Fresh from dropping the 'MP4-' from its name, this facelifted 12C has been artfully reimagined by German tuner Hamann Motorsport; it's reminiscent of Jeff Koons' BMW GT2 Art Car, although the loosely-defined colour separation is more akin to Andy Warhol's M1. Any details about the McLaren Art Car are mere speculation until further info is released, so you'd probably better keep an eye on their Facebook page...

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