Friday, 12 October 2012

Matte Sunburst 996

Modifying a Porsche 911 is a tricky thing to do well. Sure, there are a lot of modified examples out there, but they quite often follow a solely performance-oriented route; outlandishly different aesthetics are a risky business.
This controversial 996 is, I reckon, something of a success. The eyecatching hue is BASF Matte Sunburst Orange, while the body's adorned with a GT2 front bumper, Techart rear bumper & skirts, GT3 bootlid & wing, and pulled arches to accommodate those huge wheels: 8.5x19" front, 12x19" rear. It's not all show and no go either (obviously - it's a hugely capable package to begin with); power has been massaged by a K&N cold air intake and a racey exhaust setup. Works for me. What do you reckon?
Via Canibeat.

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