Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lassie's '32 Ford

Lured in by the misleading title? Brilliant. Sorry to disappoint you, but Lassie can't actually drive, and has never been behind the wheel of this 1932 Ford Roadster... although the car did appear in Lassie, so that's something.
Due to be auctioned at Mecum's Anaheim sale in November, this hot rod has an interesting history. Built by the legendary Tom McMullen, it appeared in various TV shows in the sixties and featured a supercharged 301ci small-block, a pressurised Moon tank and a parachute; Ed Roth added the pinstriping, inspiring a generation of rodders when the car appeared on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine in 1963. McMullen then switched to 327ci power and set about breaking speed records. It has latterly appeared in adverts, on album covers, and even won a concours trophy at Pebble Beach. Hot Rods don't get a lot more special than this.
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