Friday, 5 October 2012

Java Green '67

Patina: you can fake or force it, but it's better if you don't.
Courtesy of Slam Media, here we have a Dutch import '67 1300 Beetle in a beautifully old-school shade of Java Green. Having spent an overly long period abandoned in a British field, it was rescued by a compassionate soul and treated to a full mechanical overhaul; the entire floorpan was replaced, and every nut, bolt and component under the skin has been renewed. Engine, suspension, gearbox and brakes are now all top-notch, with a few choice upgrades to weave a little uniqueness in - narrowed front beam, dropped spindles, adjustable spring plates, and a very shiny set of US Radar wheels. The bodywork, however... that bears the wear and scars of all of its forty-five years. And it looks all the better for it.
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