Monday, 1 October 2012

Ferrari 250 Europa Vignale

Remember the Ferrari 250GT Zagato Berlinetta that SuckSqueezeBangBlow spotted at the Windsor Concours? Well, this Vignale 250 was built in a similar vein. It employed the Europa chassis and Formula One-derived 2953cc Lampredi V12 and wrapped the whole lot in a Ferrari America-style body; Vignale was commissioned to create the car for the 1953 Paris Motor Show. It featured intricate and, in some areas, controversial styling, including a gaping egg-crate grille, low-set headlights evoking those of the 340 America racers, and copious chrome gills. It was, much like the Zagato Berlinetta, a true gentleman's express - a luxuriously appointed and stylish GT with the heart and soul of a brutal racing car.
The Europa Vignale suffered an ignominious fate, being shipped to America, repainted red, shorn of its bumpers and, ultimately, relieved of its engine in favour of an American V8. It remained in this sorry state until 2009, when it was rescued by Ferrari collector Heinrich Kämpfer, who threw a vast amount of time and money into restoring it to its 1953 glory. And he did a damned fine job too - the pictures you see here were taken at the 2012 Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza, where it won the Trofeo Foglizzo. A happy ending, then.
Photos via eGarage.

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