Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Faux-Rat АЛЕКО

The Moskvich 2141 АЛЕКО was basically a Simca 1307 (or, to Brits, a Talbot Solara) repurposed for the Soviet market. So it's kind of fitting with its pan-European roots that the finish of this АЛЕКО should so keenly follow a number of Western European trends: a full faux-rat, forced-patina effect across the entire bodywork, polished BBS split-rims with detailed bolts and plenty of dish, and a panscraping stance.
The barbed-wire that twists through the bodywork is a nice touch, and the aesthetic overall, were it applied to a Golf or Beetle, could hold its head high at any VW meet. An interesting fusion of genres across borders, then.
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