Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dream Garage?

It's not quite Jay Leno's garage, but it's not bad.
This private California collector's set-up is enough to make you really wish you'd tried harder at school. His astounding garage includes the following:
- the white Ferrari 250GTE that was once Enzo Ferrari's daily runaround
- the blue Ferrari 275GTS that was displayed at the Paris Motor Show
- the only Lamborghini Diablo Roadster that's white with a white interior and the only Countach that's white-on-white too
- the only Ferrari 400i limousine officially sanctioned by Ferrari
- Michael Schumacher's F2001 F1 race car
...and so on. This is the kind of collection I'm building in my head for when my EuroMillions numbers come up. My wife's not so keen...
See cncpics.com for more.

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