Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dawn of the Vectra B

I've never had much interest in the Vectra B, to be honest. Bland, functional repmobile, blending anonymously into the automotive background. But then again, that's what I used to say about the Vectra A/mkIII Cavalier, and some really interesting examples of that have come out of the woodwork recently - like this one.
The B has a large and enthusiastic following in Europe, and perhaps it's time to re-evaluate the model; after all, with builds of such quality as the one you see in these photos, snapping up a cheap Opel/Vauxhall and throwing a bit of cash at it seems like an increasingly strong idea.
Starring on the comically-named Polish site Raceism.pl, this Vectra B features the kind of things often found in, for example, the VAG scene: detailed engine bay, well thought-out suspension and stance, polished split-rims, rollcage, USDM bootlid... nicely done, overall. Click here and here for more.
Shall we file the Vectra B under 'future retro'?

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