Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Black Bull

The Lamborghini Countach is supercar royalty; every child of the eighties yearns to be in one, while kids of today see them as some kind of bonkers spaceship from the past. Their majesty hardly needs reiterating here, you know what a Countach is; this post is merely a gratuitous excuse to post some pictures of a nice one.
And what a nice one this is! Finished in arguably the best - and certainly the most dramatic - colour scheme, with jet black body and lipstick-red innards, it has a mere 8,300 miles on the clock and looks as if it's just rolled off the Sant'Agata production line. It spent a decade sitting in stasis in a climate-controlled storage facility in Indianapolis from 1999-2009, and has now been fully recommissioned (including the fiddly task of rebuilding and balancing the six carburettors) and is ready to rock. Got a chunky wedge of cash weighing down your slacks? Contact Canepa...

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