Monday, 8 October 2012

'70 Bluebird SSS

Fashion is transitory, and often cyclical. What is fashionable now may seem laughable in twenty years time; by the same token, trends of the past can seem misguided or just plain wrong when viewed through a modern filter. (Look at the 1990s enthusiasm for fibreglass bodykits [or the early-noughties penchant for the bolt-on aluminium wing] when viewed alongside today's 'stanced' hipsters...)
Three-spoke wheels illustrate this point. They were everywhere in the early nineties, particularly in soft-spoke form, then their ubiquity stagnated, until they eventually became an absolute laughing stock. But now they're coming back and, as you can see evidenced by the Advan Onis on this 1970 Bluebird SSS, they can look sensational in the right context.
The ol' blue Datsun is sensational in other ways too - there's an S14 SR20DE twin-cam under the bonnet, vintage Recaros and a Nardi wheel inside, Techno Toy coilovers, Wilwood & Brembo brakes... all manner of piquant ingredients, making this pretty much the perfect SSS. Click here for more.

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