Friday, 26 October 2012

4th-gen Mazda Cosmo

This is a pretty high-scoring machine in the Top Trumps 'Cars Your Mates Probably Haven't Heard Of' deck. Sold between 1990-95, the Cosmo was a top-end luxury super-coupé marketed under the swanky Eunos banner. It was ballistically quick, thanks to its twin-turbocharged triple-rotor Wankel engine (the only production car ever, in fact, to feature a triple-rotor motor); just 8,875 were sold, most with the 1.3-litre 13B engine - the larger 20B (2.0-litre), as seen in this car, offered a mighty 300bhp as standard.

It was also a glorious technological showcase, offering levels of tech advancement that were spaceship-like in 1990. When you turned the key, the black flat-panel dash leapt into life with colourful digital dials, while the centre console featured the fancy new Car Control System, a full-colour touchscreen operating the GPS, air-con, mobile phone, television, CD player & radio. Imagine all of that in 1990! It made even Mercedes-Benz look backward.

Now, the example in these photos is far from standard; the car is a rare beast as it is, but this one is unique. It wears Panasport G7 split-rims with ludicrous 335-section tyres on the rear, and significant changes have gone on under the bonnet; while the Cosmo was the first car in the world to be fitted with a sequential twin-turbo system, they've been removed here and replaced with a single (massive) Garrett T88. There's also a nitrous oxide system.
The bodykit is of uncertain origin, but it adds girth to an already huge car. On the whole, the Cosmo is something of a hidden gem - if you see one on the road, you'll now know that they're furiously quick and enormously clever... but you almost certainly won't see one, as they're also really rather obscure. If you see this one, well, you'd probably better get out of the way.
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