Wednesday, 10 October 2012

1,000bhp E21

It's one thing to rouse a four-digit power figure from a dramatic, imposing supercar. It's quite another to squeeze it into an unassuming and subtle shape, such as this 1982 BMW 316.
Yes, there are some obvious embellishments that give away a beating heart of diversity and unusualness to those in the know - the wheels, the 'cage, the aggressive stance - but you could feasibly park this outside Tesco and find that a lot of people just stroll past without giving it a second glance. That wouldn't happen with a Veyron.
...but Veyron-slaying power exists within the diminutive E21 frame. The turbocharged 3.2-litre straight-six has been fettled in a way that the Scandinavians have made their own (brutally, and without compromise), running 29psi of boost and throwing 1,000bhp through the rear wheels. Built for Gatebil, the car has been engineered to run primarily sideways, and thus features such drift staples as a hydraulic handbrake and baffled fuel cell; indeed, it's surprising he hasn't fitted wipers to the side windows. The overall spec really is quite phenomenal - see Speedhunters for the full run-down.

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