Friday, 28 September 2012

McLaren P1

The McLaren MP4-12C, for all its myriad merits, does look a little dull from some angles. There's no real reason for this - it has all the correct supercar ingredients, but somehow it looks like a generic unbranded supercar from an early-noughties video game.
No such concerns with the new P1 concept, though - it looks sensational. Every curve, every surface is peppered with exquisite detail; the swan-neck motif on the front bumper around the headlights, the swooping LEDs on the tail, the overtly aero-focused form. It's stunning.
Performance will be equally stunning, as well - the P1 is aiming squarely at Ferrari's forthcoming Enzo replacement (rather cunningly getting there first), with the intention of basically blowing it into the weeds with superior technology and firepower. Some piquant morsels from the menu include carbon-fibre 'MonoCage' construction, active aero (providing 600kg of downforce at 170mph), and KERS... although the real party-piece is the thinking behind it. They're not going for a ballistic headline speed figure like the Bugatti Veyron SS - who cares if you can theoretically do 268mph if your car weighs over two tonnes and needs to be wrestled like an ocean liner around the slightest curve? The P1 has been designed with the express intention of being the fastest driver's car. And that's much cooler.
Images via Octane.

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