Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lancia Aurelia B24 Pinin Farina Spider

When my EuroMillions numbers come up, I'm going to have to buy my wife one of these. She saw one at Chelsea Auto Legends and fell in love.
She's right, of course (as always) - it's a gorgeous little thing. The cheeky, chrome-moustached face, the Karmann Ghia-esque haunches and the simple, uncluttered tail create a magnificent whole, and the interior is a masterpiece of restraint. The smooth V6 engine, all-synchromesh transaxle, inboard disc brakes and de Dion suspension amounted to a pretty impressive spec list back in 1955. Just 240 of them were made though, and there aren't a huge number left now - when my winning ticket bears fruit, I may have some searching to do...
Photos by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at the Windsor Concours of Elegance.

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