Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Escort S2000

The classic Ford scene is always diverse and surprising; while there are enthusiasts who err on the side of purism, there are equal numbers of modifiers keen to push the envelope of what's possible. That's how cars like this happen: it's a mkII Escort, Jim...

It's a mkII silhouette really, of course. The chassis is from a TVR Tuscan Challenge racer, adapted somewhat to match the Escort's dimensions. Custom coilovers mounted in the centre of the chassis mate with fully-adjustable, rose-jointed wishbones to ensure that the handling is impeccable in whatever scenario it's driven. Unclip the one-piece front end and you'll find a Honda S2000 VTEC, mounted way back under the windscreen line, running Jenvey throttle-bodies and producing 275bhp. The interior is pure race car, the exterior looks tarmac rally-spec only much, much lower, and the overall ethos is of purpose and focus. Weighing 826kg wet, this Escort has a power-to-weight ratio of 333bhp/ton - the same as a Porsche 959 or Ferrari 550. And, of course, it's a fully-fledged race car under the skin. An astonishing build.
See Speedhunters for the full story.

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