Friday, 21 September 2012

Detroit Land-Barges

One of my favourite things about US car design between the 1950s-70s is their enthusiasm for creating enormously, absurdly large cars that only have two doors. Evoking the bigger-is-better ethos and rock-bottom rock oil prices of the era, they represent frivolity and excess better than pretty much any other consumer good you can name.
Here are two staggeringly vast cars spotted in the Goodwood Revival car park - a Cadillac with a boot large enough to fit a basketball team in, and a Buick with the fuel filler placed ill-advisedly at the edge of that extravagantly protruding rear bumper. So, who can name both models...?


tortoise said...

The only Chevrolet in the pictures is a, what you call an "estate car" (or is it a "shooting brake"), and they don't exactly have boots, now do they?

juice said...

The Cadillac badge is rather a giveaway, isn't it? Post amended, ta.