Friday, 16 August 2013

Cortina Saxon

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

As part of the many celebrations last year for the Ford Cortina's 50th anniversary, the Goodwood Revival lined up a selection of unusual examples of the mkI Cortina at the front of their Earls Court Motor Show building. Amongst their number were a Lotus, a woody estate and a convertible, but what really caught SuckSqueezeBangBlow's eye was this, the Saxon.
It's a recreation of a prototype built by Ford in the early sixties - they only built one example for show purposes, which is believed to have been exported to Australia and broken up. The flawless replica on display at Goodwood was hand-crafted by one diligent enthusiast using the sole existing press photograph of the car - a phenomenal achievement. You can see that the original Cortina concept was rather shorter than the production model, with obvious American influences around the roofline. Oh, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

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