Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bentley Continental GT3

It's been a decade since Bentley debuted the Continental GT concept, and yet here we are in 2012 being astonished by the car all over again - this time as a GT3 racer.
The Conti GT represents, as one would expect from a Bentley, quality and opulence of the quilted leather/robustness/satisfying-door-thunk variety, backed up by a terrifyingly brutal under-bonnet arsenal. But does this package really translate all that well to the track? Can you be competitive in a two-ton trans-European express?
Yes, you can - you just need to shave a fair bit of weight off. The Conti GT3 weighs a staggering 1,300kg - that's 1,000kg lighter than the standard road model. Where has all the weight gone? Well, racers don't need walnut door inserts or sat-nav of course, but when the engineers started paring it down they found opportunities for simplification everywhere. The doors of the road car, for example, weigh 54kg - the GT3's doors weigh 7kg. This thing is, in all ways, very serious indeed. Engine and chassis specs are yet to be released, but expect brutality... Scroll down for the official video.
Photos via Autoblog.

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